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Chuming found in 1999, lies in seaside city Zhuhai, closes to Hongkong and Macau. We are one of the good & professional supplier of various active pharmaceutical ingredients & medicine with high–tech and high-value in the world. Also we are marketing veterinary products.

We have a good team of R&D experts, technical center for Industry Production technique research, also laboratory for product quality control. We focus on API of anti epidemic disease, antidiabetics and antihypertensives etc…

Product Name CAS.NO
6-APA 551-16-6
PHPG-DS 69416-61-1
7-ADCA 22252-43-3
DHPG-DS 26774-89-0
7-AVCA 79349-82-9
Mica Eester 246035-38-1
Sucralose 56038-13-2
Dextrose Anhydrous 50-99-7
Vitamin B1 Nitrate 532-43-4
Vitamin B1 HCL 67-03-8
Vitamin B6 HCL 58-56-0
Sofosbuvir(F6) 1190307-88-0
Spironolactone 52-01-7
Metronidazole 443-48-1
Oxaliplatin 61825-94-3

2024 FCE PHARMA Brasil

[[Date: 04th-06th June,2024 #CH08]]

2024 CPHI China

[[Date: 19th-21th June,2024 #W7A05]]

2023 CPHI China

[Date: 19th-21th June,2023#: N2C82]

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Add : 6A,Garden building,Lianhuayuan,Jiuzhou Ave.,zhuhai,China    Tel:+86-756-3369312/3361019    Fax:+86-756-3359896

Note: None of the products will be supplied to countries in which this could be in conflict with existing patents. However the final responsibility lies exclusively with the buyer.

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